If you liked the look of your bike on the showroom floor this product will do nothing to alter that. The Tankslapper is an inexpensive shield which protects the unforgiving skin below. If you've been unlucky enough to fall victim to the nasty scratching and pitting your tank is susceptible to, you already know about the hundreds of dollars it can cost to bring your tank back to its original luster. The Tankslapper is a clean and simple, yet effective solution to a universal problem, how to protect your beautiful motorcycle without changing its clean lines... the answer is Clear!

Our basic tank protection kit consists of one or more pieces of protection from the rider for the sides and rear of the tank. The typical kit contains three pieces, but some have one piece while others could have as many as six, depending on the tanks designs.

*With the ever increasing number of bikes being offered with matte or low gloss paint finishes, we want you to be aware that the "Tankslapper" kits will not adhere in most cases to this type of finish. Therefore is not recommended for these applications.

As an alternative we currently offer a matte finish "3M" paint protection film that will not change the stealth look of the matte finish like the gloss version would, plus it will adhere to these types of finishes where the "Tankslapper" will not. Please state in the order of a "3M" kit that you would like to have the matte version instead of the gloss version in the "comments box" during checkout.

IMPORTANT: While the tankslapper material is an excellent, inexpensive solution for preventing abrasion damage to your paint's surface, it is not intended to prevent damage from fuel or chemical spills. In the event the film should come into contact with these substances, while refueling for exsample, you must immediately removed the effected piece of film from your bike and wash it with soap and water, at that point it will be ready to reinstall. Failure to do so will result in damage to the film and possiblly your paint finish.

This is of particular concern to tank bag users because typically that portion of your kit often surrounds the fuel inlet on your tank.

Here is a precaution to try when refueling: Upon initially removing the gasoline nozzle, allow a few seconds for the residual gasoline to drain from the nozzle before bringing it over your tank. Do this again when you finish refueling, giving the hose a chance to drain and stabilize before you slowly pull it out of your tank.



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